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Privacy policy

The owner of the eventbook.ro site is the company SC EVENTBOOK SRL, identified by CUI: RO31145850, registered at Registrul Comerțului under nr J40/949/28.01.2013, Headquarter: Intr. Bădeni, nr. 3, sector 3, București, hereinafter referred to as EVENTBOOK.  

Eventbook offers, based on a prior contract with the event organizers (promoters) the service of ticket sales or registration of participants. This can be done on the eventbook.ro platform, through other web pages in the form of APIs or iframes or offline at points of sale (Eventbook network, ticket offices of certain locations, at the Promoter's headquarters).

What data we collect from you?

Regardless of the event for which you buy tickets, for the purchase on the eventbook.ro platform we request the following data (hereinafter referred to as “Essential Data”)

  • Last name
  • Frist name
  • Email
  • Phone


Depending on the login type you use, the following can be added to the Essential Data: Facebook Id, Google Id, if you choose to create an account / log in using one of these platforms.

Depending on the payment / delivery methods you opt for when purchasing tickets, the following can be added to the Essential data: bank account, home address or other addresses.

Depending on the event for which you buy tickets / register as a participant, certain data may be added to the Essential Data that the Promoter needs (the organizer who contracted Eventbook to manage the ticket sales service / access / collection of participation fees).

Some examples:

CNP or identity document number: in the case of certain events falling under the "High degree of risk" category (sports competitions), the Promoters may be notified by the law enforcement bodies of the obligation to request this data from ticket buyers, as a result, they may be required by Eventbook to be able to process the transactions.

Date of birth, sex, age, marital status, photos, but not limited to these: in the case of certain events, in addition to the Essential Data, the Promoter may request additional data necessary to personalize the event for participants, which will be collected through the Eventbook platform. For example, you may be asked to upload a picture of yourself to issue a participant badge. 

Why we collect this data about you?

For the correct processing of ticket orders 

To identify your order when you ask us for help by phone, email, or social media messaging

To notify you, at the initiative of the Eventbook or at the request of the Promoter, in the event of a change in the venue of an event for which you purchased a ticket: rescheduling, cancellation, change of venue initially communicated, change of location, etc. 

To customize the content displayed according to your behavior on the site

To inform you about future events on sale on the Eventbook platform, with the prior agreement of you.

Who has access to your data? 

Eventbook employees

The Promoter and the employees of the Promoter 

How long we keep your data?

Your data is stored for as long as you have a user account on the Eventbook site. If you want to delete the user account, please send us an email on office [at] eventbook.ro with the subject "Delete account".

How to delete your user data?

If you want to delete the user data and your user account, please send us an email on office [at] eventbook.ro with the subject "Delete account".